The meeting began with a prayer. This was done by Joseph B. Johnson of the Forum for Advocacy and Civic Education (FACE). He invoked the presence of the almighty God to guide the discussion. The prayer was followed by self introduction. Under this exercise, attendants introduced themselves and the organizations they are working for.

After the self introduction, the Executive secretary, Daniel Allison made welcome remarks. He first thanks all those who turned out for the meeting and urged them to always be available whenever they are called to a meeting. He finally welcomes everyone and called on them to make meaningful contribution to the discussion while at the same time told them to remember the general meeting dates which are the 2nd and last Friday in every month.

The welcome remark was preceded by the update on the universal Periodic Review (UPR). The update was given by the Executive Secretary, Daniel H. Allison. He asked members of the coalition to provide update on the work they have done relative to the implementation of the UPR accepted recommendations by the government of Liberia. He briefed the members on the pending training workshop in one of the African countries. At the training, 5 member organizations are expected to represent the Liberia coalition of human rights Defenders (LICHRD). He said the pending training is a follow up to the one that was held in Monrovia July 9 -12, 2012, which brought together 20 participants representing Guinea, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia.

The UPR update was then followed by discussion on the pending FOI follow up workshop. Discussion on this pending workshop was facilitated by Sam M. Nimely, Program officer of the LICHRD. He said the pending workshop will be used to draft a letter of request and its subsequent submission to targeted public institutions that received public fund under the Freedom of Information (FOI) law. Each organization was asked to identify three (3) institutions and give statistical details of the kind of information needed. After presentations by member organizations, the attendants narrowed down to three (3) entities. They include:

  1. 1.     Civil Service Agency:

Request: statistical details of the number of ghost names deleted from the government’s payroll per agency. The actual number of government workforce (employees) per entity.

  1. 2.     Independent national Commission on Human Rights (INCHR):

Request: Track record performance report since it began work for the past two (2) years. Show the location of it offices in the leeward counties to enable citizens channel complains of human rights violations and abuses.

  1. Ministry of Agriculture:

Request: Statistical details of the number of farmers the ministry empowered in the leeward counties in 2012; the kind of assistance provided.

Under AOB, it was announced that the Center for Democratic Empowerment (CEDE) has been relocated in Congo Town. As a result of the CEDE relocation, usual general meetings will now be held at the coalition secretariat located on Benson Street. Also under AOB, the coalition members extended their thanks and appreciation to the Carter Center Liberia, for the kind of capacity building it is providing for the LICHRD.

The meeting was attended by 23 executives of member organizations.

The secretariat




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